HEIBRiDS Spring School

Monday, March 22, 9am - 5pm

Scientific Write-a-thon - Russel Hodge, MDC

A day devoted to scientific communication and scientific writing. At the end of the workshop, which will include a great deal of hands-on group work, you will have an up-to-date project description for the HEIBRiDS webpage.

Tuesday, March 23, 9am - 5pm

Research Data Management - Sara El-Gebali, MDC

This one-day workshop will introduce you to FAIR data, FAIR software and metadata, will discuss good/bad code and will give you tips  on how to create the perfect README file.

Wednesday, March 24, 9am - 5pm

Parallel Session 1

Using Containers in Science (Docker and Singularity) - Tobias Huste, HIFIS/HZDR & Maximilian Dolling, HIFIS/GFZ

In this workshop you will be shown how to run, create and publish Docking containers to a registry, as well as how to use them in HPC. Moreover, you will learn about common pitfalls and how to avoid them. The day will end with a tutorial on how to package your own application into a container.

Parallel Session 2

High Performance Computing - Peter Steinbach, Helmholtz.AI/HZDR & Alan O'Cais, JSC

Thursday, March 25, 2pm - 5pm

Data Cleaning - Ihab Francis Illyas, University of Waterloo, USA

This half-day seminar on data cleaning will include topics such as: outlier detection, data deduplication and transformation, data quality rule definition and discovery, rule-based data cleaning, ML and probabilistic data cleaning.