Journal & Conference Publications


  • Peter Tillmann, Klaus Jäger and Christiane Becker (2020). Minimising the levelised cost of electricity for bifacial solar panel arrays using Bayesian optimization. Sustainable Energy Fuels  10.1039/C9SE00750D
  • Jannes Münchmeyer, Dino Bindi, Christian Sippl, Ulf Leser and Frederik Tilmann (2019). Low uncertainty multi-feature magnitude estimation with 3D corrections and boosting tree regression: application to North Chile. Geophysical Journal International
  • Leon Weber, Jannes Münchmeyer, Tim Rocktäschel, Maryam Habibi and Ulf Leser (2019). HUNER: Improving Biomedical NER with Pretraining. Bioinformatics  10.1093/bioinformatics/btz528
  • Leon Weber, Pasquale Minervini, Jannes Münchmeyer, Ulf Leser and Tim Rocktäschel (2019). NLProlog: Reasoning with Weak Unification for Question Answering in Natural Language. Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics,  6151-6161 10.18653/v1/P19-1618


Conference Presentations & Posters


  • Jannes Münchmeyer, Dino Bindi, Christian Sippl, and Frederik Tilmann. Increasing magnitude scale consistency by combining multiple waveform features through machine learning. Oral presentation at EGU General Assembly, Vienna, 7-12 April 2019.
  • Sergey Redyuk. Automated Documentation of End-to-End Experiments in Data Science. Poster presentation at ICDE’19, Macau, China, 8-11 April, 2019. 10.1109/ICDE.2019.00243
  • Sergey Redyuk, Sebastian Schelter, Tammo Rukat, Volker Markl, Felix Biessmann. Learning to Validate the Predictions of Black Box Machine Learning Models on Unseen Data. Workshop paper at HILDA’19, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 5 July, 2019.