Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Executive Board

Johann-Christoph Freytag (HU Berlin) (2018 - June 2022)

Odej Kao (TU Berlin) (2018 - June 2022)

Uwe Ohler (MDC) (2018 -)

Guillermo Gallego (TU) (August 2022 - )

Jana Wolf (MDC) (November 2022 - )


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for all structural, scientific and financial decisions. It is comprised of 13 members representing all partner Helmholtz centers and ECDF universities. The committee meets whenever the governance policy requires its intervention, but at least biannually. Three members of the Steering Committee are members of the Executive Board and represent the HEIBRiDS Data Science School as spokespersons.


Bernhard Diekmann (AWI)

Claudia Spies (Charité)

Jakob van Santen (DESY)

Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers (DLR)

Knut Reinert (FU Berlin)

Jochen Schiller (FU Berlin)

Frederik Tilmann (GFZ)

Johann-Christoph Freytag (HU Berlin) (until 2022)

Ulf Leser (HU Berlin)

Bernd Rech (HZB)

Uwe Ohler (MDC)

Odej Kao (TU Berlin) (until 2022)

Volker Markl (TU Berlin)

Guillermo Gallego (TU) (since 2022)


Program Committee

The Program Committee acts as an advisory board and supports management. It suggests projects for funding, develops the study program, and prepares admission decisions for the Steering Committee. The Program Committee consists of all current supervisors and meets two times a year. Permanent guests of the Program Committee are the two PhD Representatives and the HEIBRiDS Office.


Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of five international leading scientists with experience in interdisciplinary research and graduate education, who offer their advice on the development of the training curricula. Members of the Scientific Advisory Board are invited to participate in events and meetings organized by the HEIBRiDS Data Science School at regular intervals.


Helle Rootzén (Technical University of Denmark - until 2020)

Michael Klimke (Bavarian AI Agency)

Michael Gertz (Heidelberg University)

Chloé-Agathe Azencott (Mines Paris Tech)

Chiara Petrioli (University of Roma La Sapienza)

Anna Bauer-Mehren (Roche Innovation Center Munich - since 2021)



Administration and management of the academic program is in the responsibility of the HEIBRiDS Office, which assumes the following tasks:

  • Administrative management of the HEIBRiDS PhD Program
  • Guidance to doctoral researchers on all matters concerning the HEIBRiDS PhD Program, including curriculum, training activities, travel grants, Thesis Advisory Committees and support admission to university
  • Liaison to local universities and close collaboration with other Graduate and Research Schools
  • Developing and implementing training and events for the doctoral community
  • Advising on external grants, professional and career development
  • Managing the HEIBRiDS PhD Program including international recruitment and marketing
  • Registration, recording and monitoring of all activities and providing statistical analysis to faculty and directorate on academic matters
  • Ensuring the development, revision and implementation of policies and strategies together with the Program and Steering Committees
  • Fostering of national and international cooperation

The HEIBRiDS Office works in close collaboration with the coordinators of other Graduate Schools, Research Schools, - in particular, the Helmholtz Information and Data Science Schools -, and local partners to guarantee the highest standard of structured education to all doctoral researchers at HEIBRiDS.


PhD Assembly

All doctoral students make up the general PhD Assembly represented by two annually elected PhD Representatives. The PhD Representatives give the PhD assembly a formal voice in the operation of HEIBRiDS and communicate all relevant topics identified by the PhD students to the HEIBRiDS Office.


In addition, the Welcome Offices, the Ombudspersons and Graduate Schools of the respective universities and Helmholtz partners are available to the doctoral students of HEIBRiDS.