Intercultural Communication & Awareness

Wednesday, 22.11.2023 · 09:30

Whether it is in school, at university, or at work - intercultural communication has become imperative to a harmonious, supportive and effective experience for all. This course will show phd candidates how to recognize their own cultural identity and the way it influences their interactions with others. Through interactive experiences and rich discussion, participants will explore different frameworks of interculturalcommunication and learn practical skills to proactively mitigate misunderstandings and achieve greater success with work and personal relationships.

The workshop will consist of different sessions. Each of them will introduce a key framework integrated with either theoretical study, awareness exercises, group discussion, case-study, role-playing scenarios, or self-reflection questions to help transfer the gained knowledge and understanding into everyday life. Employing creative means (drawing, writing, games) allows participants to more fully absorb the concepts and experience profound discoveries and lasting shifts.

TRAINER: Konstanze Bittmann, Bona Dea Coaching