Lecture Series:

IoT and the City: Smart Data Processing for Smart Applications

Wednesday, 15.12.2021 · 16:00

Speaker: Daniela Nicklas, University of Bamberg

The idea of smart cities has changed from being technology-driven to focus on sustainability and the well-being of citizens. According to the Smart City Charter, the smart city approach uses information and communication technologies in order to link municipal infrastructures such as energy, buildings, traffic, water and sewage on the basis of integrated development concepts. Among other guidelines, this digital transformation requires transparency, participation and co-creation, which might change how applications, their data platforms and services should be designed and which challenges data processing solutions have to address. This talk discusses some of these challenges at the example of the City of Bamberg, which recently started its digital transformation within the "Modellprojekte Smart Cities" of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI).