Lecture Series:

MultiSector Dynamics: Advancing the Science of Complex Adaptive Human-Earth Systems

Wednesday, 02.11.2022 · 16:00

Speaker: Pat Reed, Cornell University

The field of MultiSector Dynamics (MSD) explores the dynamics and co-evolutionary pathways of human and Earth systems with a focus on critical goods, services, and amenities delivered to people through interdependent sectors. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) is supporting the development of MSD as a new research field, through several critical investments that leverage a rich legacy of science, modeling, and analytical capabilities. This talk synthesizes insights from these early investments and recent efforts of the MSD Science Steering Group to formulate a vision for the next decade of research opportunities. Central to this vision is the ambition of advancing the next generation complex adaptive humanEarth systems science to better address interconnected risks, increase resilience, and improve sustainability. Given growing climate risks and their dependence on accelerating energy transitions, designing for a resilient and sustainable future requires embracing the complexity of interconnected and ever-changing human and natural systems.

Co-authors MultiSector Dynamics Science Steering Group