Science visualization

Wednesday, 30.10.2019 · 09:00
HU Berlin

Trainer: Helena Jambor

It took me around one year from data analysis to the final visualization of my postdoc results. A year, in which I tried many visualization strategies and simplified them again and again. Helpful at that time were Edward Tufte’s book „The visualization of quantitative data” and my pre-science background in applied art, that taught me effects of color and shape.

While visualizations are used in science since antiquity, their number and complexity now increased significantly. Nevertheless, even today budding scientists do not learn to encode and effectively decode visualizations. This is evident in the numerous examples of difficult-to-read figures and outright misleading charts.  In the past years, I taught data visualization to hundreds of scientists. A few tips and tricks to increase readability and effectiveness of data figures are summarized here.