Lecture Series:

Unlocking the Potential of FAIR Data Using AI at Roche Pharma R&D

Wednesday, 02.12.2020 · 16:00

Speaker: Anna Bauer-Mehren, Roche Pharma

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in many areas, including the healthcare industry. For life science companies, healthcare providers, patients and consumers, digitization offers great potential to streamline processes and achieve better treatment results. On the one hand, the findings from data generated in the real world setting could take personalized medicine to a new level by individually tailoring diagnosis and treatment in terms of effectiveness and safety to the patient. On the other hand, the linking of clinical study data and real world data with the enormous advances in biology and medicine is a prerequisite for more targeted research and more efficient development processes. In my talk I describe the role of real world data, data science or data analysis in pharmaceutical research and the resulting new opportunities for personalized medicine. In particular, I address the importance of high quality data and Roche's efforts to make data FAIR. In our view, this is essential for the success of AI methods in R&D. Using several examples, I show in which areas of pharmaceutical research AI is already being used successfully, but I also discuss which areas still have great challenges. Overall, my lecture highlights the potential of AI for research and early development within Roche and how important FAIR data is to fully unlock the potential of the internally and externally generated biomedical data.